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Hi and thank you for visiting our web page, we welcome you to Auroraprince Boxers.
Although we are reasonably new to breeding Boxers Jo-Ann & I have previously bred other breeds such as Maltese Terriers and Dachshunds. We were introduced to boxers by our son when he purchased a female Boxer Pup (Chee Chee) in 2003. If you've ever owned a boxer, you will understand why we fell in love with her and the boxer as a breed.

After Chee Chee turned three, I convinced my wife Jo-Ann and my son into breeding her. If we were going to do this, we would do it properly. I decided to attend several dog shows to learn more and meet the people involved, from there I met Anna Deane (secretary of the boxer association). We later spoke and although I felt
I was being interrogated by all the quetions, Anna was just making sure I was in it for the right reasons. Anna suggested I forward Chee Chees pedigree and then we could go from there. A few days later, after a physical inspection by Anna of Chee Chee, she agreed to finding us the appropriate stud for her. And that's where our mission to breed Quality pure bred boxers began. We want to share their loving nature with other people; because once you've had a Boxer you will never have another breed.

We do not have a resident male; our bitches are serviced by the best possible stud to ensure that a continuing improvement and quality of the offspring and the blood line is maintained. Our bitches are all house dogs and have their litters inside the family home. All pups are hand raised from birth and are brought up in the family home, to ensure that all are puppies are well adjusted and ready for their new homes.

Auroraprince Boxer's.We are a small home based breeder, and when you come to visit, we welcome you into our family home. And we pride ourselves in the fact that all our pup's are the best cared for, loved and beautiful in natured pups and ready for their new homes.

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